UK premiere by Aftab Darvishi

As part of our next tour around London and Brighton (13-16 April) we’re excited to be giving the UK premiere of a work by Iranian composer Aftab Darvishi. This is what Aftab has written about her piece Toranj:

Toranj means Bergamot in Persian. Apart from its direct meaning, it also refers to an ancient female name in Iran, which has a symbolic meaning in Persian literature. In addition, Toranj is also one of ancient Persian motifs that is used widely in Persian carpets and rugs. This motif is a mathematical pattern that is typically placed in the middle of the carpet and it may be of any shape (circle, oval, diamond, etc) but maintaining the mathematical pattern.

 Aftab Darvishi
Aftab Darvishi

I had the pattern as a guide to compose this piece. I used grace notes in combination with long sustained texture by strings to illustrate my interpretation of the pattern in a musical form. Since my inspiration derived from Persian Heritage, I included fragments of Persian folk music to enhance the musical output and to give an Iranian flavor to the piece.

Listen to more of Aftab’s music on her website and be sure to come along to at least one of our performances in April to hear the premiere of her new piece.