Travelling with music

In 2017, we decided to turn into musical Argonauts. And like the band of ancient Greek heroes, the orchestra led their audience on a magical musical voyage.

The theme of our April 2017 theme was ‘music and migration’ and when the orchestra was asked to participate in the Sound Unbound festival at the Barbican, there was little doubt that one of the composers chosen for this very special performance had to be Antonin Dvorak with his “New World Symphony”. This was filmed by Spitfire Audio, as part of their “Ones To Watch” series.

Born in the Czech Republic, Dvorak emigrated to the United States in 1892 and became director of the National Conservatory of America in New York. His American years were productive and his compositions were influenced by African-American and Native-American music. During this time he composed some of his most famous works: the “New World Symphony” and the “American Quartet”.

The New World Symphony was also one of the pieces the astronaut Neil Armstrong took with him on the moon landing mission in 1969. What a cosmic journey for this amazing piece!

The SOL train continues with our upcoming July tour. Catch us if you can!