Twitter Chat with Music With Kids

This summer, we went on a whirlwind tour of London, Coventry, Leicester and Stratford-upon-Avon, performing in a variety of public places and sharing our passion for music with members of the public. For many of the children lucky enough to be passing by, it would have been their first experience of live music.

“You guys were brilliant in Dalston Square. Thank you for making my little girl’s first gig so good!! She loved it!” (Matt Christensen)

Before the tour started, we hosted a Twitter chat with @Music_with_kids, using the hashtag #StreetOrchChat, to find out what it is about live music that makes it so special. Here’s a selection of some of the questions we asked and the responses we received:

1) “What was the best live music event you’ve ever attended?”.

“Generally I think the best music events I’ve been to have been outdoors. At festivals or in parks in the summer.”

“My son’s first ever school solo performance on his acoustic guitar. So proud & I was in tears with all the applause he got!”

“Can’t pick one! Blur in Hyde park. Primal scream at Bestival. But it’s been so long!”


2) How is the experience of live music different to recorded music?

“I think live music touches you more intensely as a shared experience plus it can enhance any location”

“You don’t get the same energy (with recorded music). Hearing live music is about sharing an experience with the people around you”

“Live music is more intense, the ambience makes also a big difference and there is always something unexpected on live music”


3) Have you ever stopped to listen to really good street music?

“Yes I love watching live music with the kids. It’s great to see their faces taking it all in”

“Yes I would always stop if I could. The kids always love to stop and listen and watch the musicians”

“An amazing original talent always makes me stop but it’s so easy to walk past the regular buskers without stopping, sadly”


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