"Carmen" Together

Hello SOL Family!

Thanks for taking part in this slightly crazy project to get all of us co-ordinated remotely for a tutti rendition of the Prelude from Carmen. 

Here are the instructions for this mission should you choose to accept it…deadline for submissions is midnight Sunday 22 March. After this lovely Matt Norriss will put it all together with great care so it looks and sounds wonderful and then we’ll share it on SOL’s social media early next week. 

1. Download the play-along track in this folder (called ViolinPlayAlong126.mp3). Or play/download from Soundcloud below.  

2. Download your sheet music. This is all in the same folder and should be obvious to find.

3. Get headphones – this can’t be done without them. 

4. Use your phone, computer or other device to play the track through your headphones.

5. Grab your instrument and practice your part with the track. Before the track begins you get 8 clicks in at crotchet = 126. A=440.

6. Once you’re 100% sure you can play exceedingly rhythmically & in tune with the whole track (**VERY IMPORTANT**) video yourself.

7. Set up your recording device in landscape & position yourself approximately as per Craig in the example video below. Matt’s done his (deliberately) wrong as it’s in portrait & there’s too much white space above his head. Vicky & Gijs’ hair disappears off the top of the frame. If possible use a “dead” room and not a bathroom acoustic. A bedroom or lounge is usually good.    

8. Record and re-record until it’s GREAT! Check on headphones that the audio is clean/not distorted; point the mic away from you if it is. Once you have your finished video, send via https://wetransfer.com to : info@streetorchestra.co.uk

9. Then relax by spending the rest of the day at home on Netflix.