1. About SOL
Our mission is to take orchestral music to everyone, anywhere. The 40 players are aged 18-30 and the music we play aims to captivate as wide an audience as possible, with styles ranging from classical, big-band and folk-influenced music. We also arrange and perform contemporary pop/R&B/hip-hop music to catch the ears of younger audiences. The orchestra was founded in 2016 and is committed to at least two week-long tour per year, along with ad hoc smaller projects.

2. About SOL performances
SOL performances usually last 40-45 minutes. Presentation is informal and a member of the group introduces each item. Pieces for each performance are matched to the audience, e.g. for a children’s concert shorter pieces would be chosen over longer ones. If anyone wants to get up and dance while we play, they’re very welcome!

3. Performance requirements
For performances we require a clear, dry space of c.8m wide x 6m deep, plus appropriate room for the audience to be comfortable (either sitting or standing), indoors or outdoors is fine. If performing outside, a wet-weather contingency should be in place.

The orchestra is entirely self-sufficient and aims to set up/pack down in c.10mins. The group plays standing and we don’t require music stands or chairs or power. We travel in a 49-seater coach and request a reserved space where available, or advice on drop-off/nearby parking.

4. About the 2019 Summer Tour
The tour will take place between Wednesday 10 July and Sunday 14 July 2019 and will cover the Colchester area. Our very special soloist for the tour will be English National Opera star, soprano Nadine Benjamin ( The repertoire for this tour has the theme of “space & discovery” (more details to follow).

5. Contacts
Performances & logistics: Craig White /
Press: Hannah Fiddy /

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