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We invite you to join us digitally in a version of the beautiful Flower Duet. Record a video of your version of the tune, send it to us, and we’ll edit it into our video for you to share online with friends and family.  

Here’s How…

1) Download your prefered backing track. One track is the original so you can sing along with the tune. The second is without the tune as some people will prefer that. 

2) Download the words if you want sing along in French. This download also contains the sheet music.

3) Practice your part and when you’re ready record your video. Please record in landscape & play the backing track through headphones as you record. 

4) When you’re done please email your video to: Too large to send via email? Then wetransfer is an excellent alternative: 

Once we’ve edited your video together with our video we’ll send you a link to the result. Your video will not be shared by us without your written consent


Original Recording (with tune, zip file)

Backing Track (without tune, zip file)

Words & Music (PDF)

Music for instruments (zip file)

Download Alternative
Opens in a new window to play in your browser.

Tips For Recording

  • If you’re recording on your phone, use a second device to play your backing track (like an iPad, laptop or another phone)
  • Use headphones for the backing track so it can’t be heard in the recording
  • Record somewhere quiet & not too echo-y (bedrooms are good, bathrooms bad!)
  • Have fun!

Don’t feel you have to stick to singing the tune either. If you feel like adding your own harmonies, or freestyling something of your own over the top, go for it!