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Our next digital project is a home recording of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” 


With the audio done, we’re now collaborating on the video. Our own Chloe Rooke will edit it all together so here she is to introduce the story…

How to Submit Your Video

You can either email/We Transfer: or use the button below to upload directly via google:


The theme is hiking or winter coat, gloves and scarf. Please wear these items or similar for outside shots if possible; carrying your case is also encouraged to underline the point we’re musicians!


For the dance start at 02:10 

Dos and Don’ts of filming video footage

Not everyone’s been asked to do the same shots, so not everything that follows will apply to you. But for all videos please please please

  • Film in landscape [………] 
  • Make sure you film under good lighting conditions and that the shots aren’t blurry. Filming outside is preferred if possible.
  • Make sure the video isn’t wobbly. If you have a tripod to film yourself with, that would be much better. Or lean on a wheelie bin?!

More info on how to shoot specific clips (e.g. those of you putting on a mask, or holding up a sign) see below. We’d love as many people to do the dance, whether it be outside, in your garden or in your (brighly lit!) bedroom. 

And remember to always to keep to the COVID rules for your country when filming. 

Have fun & thank you SO MUCH in advance

Instructions for the Dance 

Example for Putting on a Mask
Duration: Put on over 3-4 beats, hold 1 bar.

Example for Holding Sign
Duration: hold for 2 bars


COSTUME: The theme is hiking or winter coat, gloves and scarf. Please wear these items or similar for outside shots if possible; carrying your case is also encouraged to underline the point we’re musicians! 

STEP 1: Audio Recording

You will need:

  • An audio recording device, e.g. your phone, iPad, Zoom recorder.
  • A play-back device & headphones for the Audio Recording backing track
  • Somewhere quiet & non-reverberant to record
  • Your instrument tuned to A=440

Simply record your part whilst you play along to the backing track (play this via your headphones). Aim for a high degree of rhythmic accuracy/ensemble with the backing track. If you have the last note of the piece, please hold it to the bar line. 

Recording audio only: On an iPhone you can use the Voice Memos app or similar to record just audio. On Android you can use the Voice Recorder app. As a final resort, you can use your video camera for this purpose which will obviously capture both audio and video; when we receive the file we can separate these and only keep the audio. A voice memo however is preferable.

STEP 2: Video Recording

You will need:

  • A front door to record in front of (must be external & shut whilst you video)
  • A device to record the video, e.g your phone
  • A tripod/assistant to hold the camera completely still
  • A device to play the Video Recording backing track
  • Brightly coloured clothes

IMPORTANT: For everyone’s videos to match we need to all use the same settings. These are standard settings which everyone’s device should have, but they might look different on different devices.

iPhones: check this in Settings/Camera/Record Video.
Choose the setting: 1080p HD at 30 fps

Android: Please check the Video Frame Rate in settings, and set to 30 fps.

Important Framing Reminder 

  • Camera in landscape
  • Full door in shot, shut except for entrance/exit
  • Door is square on to the camera  
  • Record at a time of day when there are minimal shadows around the door area

Relax: remember if you have bars’ rest, just remain relaxed and still. 

Look no wobbles: if your assistant isn’t able to hold the camera steady, you can use a music stand set nice and tall to rest the phone on. Or a wheelie bin!

No assistant or tripod? Get in touch with Craig and he’ll see if there’s someone in your area known to SOL who can help.
Clothing etc: We’re suggesting everyone wears bright, flower-like colours – just a bright top is fine if that’s all you have. But feel free to respond to the theme of Flowers in other more imaginative ways! And if you’re using headphone for the backing track please make them very discrete, i.e. in-ear style with the wires hidden. 

Remember, if you get help with this from someone else obey social distancing rules and use hand sanitiser/hand washing to minimise the risk of transmission. If your assistant is not from your household they should use their own phone to record you, thereby eliminating the risk of transmission.