Find out what it’s like to be in the audience at one of our pop-up concerts and what the performers say.


“Your performance was incredible in so many ways. Thank you so much.
You’ve given me hope in humanity.”

“Amazing show at London Bridge, brilliant to see so many people having fun creating something beautiful.”

“Classical, funk, swing and world music performed with powerful energy, passion and fun. Unpredictable, creative and unique. Immensely talented musicians working hard for the love of the music and bringing it to new ears. A truly uplifting and inspirational experience not to be missed.”

“Just seen these talented musicians ‘pop up’ at Arundel Castle. What a lovely surprise! So slick at setting up, with an exciting air of mystery before they began. Completely unstuffy and accessible, with interesting introductions to each piece. Music, indeed, for all.”

“Only caught the last 10 minutes of your act, but was amazed. Impeccable music. It inspired me to pick up guitar again after depression caused me to stop.”

Polly Virr – Cello

“Wow! My week with SOL has been inspiring, mad, fun, moving, intense, energising, humbling… and everything in between! 24 concerts in 4 days at hospices, detention centres, parks, libraries, train stations, carousels… Feeling full of love for everyone at SOL and for all of the wonderful people we encountered across London. Music is AMAZING!”

Rachel Watson – Cello

“On my way home from what has genuinely been one of the best weeks of my life. It has truly restored my faith not only in the power of music, but in the importance of community and the ability of everyone to make the world better in a small way. I realise this is incredibly cringey and gushing, but I’ve felt so privileged to be part of Street Orchestra and do something really positive in a world which feels pretty dark at the moment. Playing in SOL has reminded me why I wanted to be a musician, and I really want to carry on doing the amazing work we did last week.”

Peter Willcock – Vocal Soloist

“This week I have been touring London with a truly wonderful group of young adults; All fantastic musicians, all pulling together to make Street Orchestra happen. We’ve played in hospices, nursing homes, libraries, parks, youth centres, immigration/detention centres, public squares, music hubs and in local communities. It has been an amazing, exhausting, wonderful, elating, frustrating, fantastic tour and it has been a real privilege to witness the profound effect music can have on unexpectant listeners, the forgotten, the sick, the disenfranchised, the dying, the detained, the budding musicians, the tourists, and even the musicians themselves. It has been the sunlight we lacked in a week of bad weather and bad news. And as quickly as we formed, we dispersed; like a dream, but a great dream where you wake up smiling.”

Rachael O’Brien – French Horn

“The week with SOL has been a humbling, eye-opening, all-round incredible experience. ‘Music for everyone, anywhere’ was what I signed up for, and SOL certainly delivered; detention centres, libraries, hospices, train stations, even carousels – places I definitely didn’t anticipate performing at as a classically trained musician! Seeing the impact that music had on people has reminded me why I wanted to be a musician; community, communication, and positivity. I can’t wait for next year!”


Hackney Council

“The performance in Dalston Square was really brilliant! All of the performers were great, really engaging and the whole thing was very uplifting. It’s really impressive that you attracted a large, intergenerational audience; it was great to see that the teenagers were there, alongside everyone else – always a good sign that we’ve managed to reach the heart of the local community!”